Amy Schumer Says Kurt Metzger No Longer Writes for Inside Amy Schumer [Updated]

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Amy Schumer has been blocking Twitter users who tweet at her about Inside Amy Schumer writer Kurt Metzger, a man she publicly criticized for his insensitive comments about rape on Wednesday, and said no longer works for the show.

Metzger has attracted a fair amount of negative attention after posting on Facebook and Twitter numerous trollish messages in defense of a New York-based comedian who was recently accused of raping multiple women and banned from multiple comedy theaters in the city. Since then, many people have reached out to Schumer, demanding an explanation for why she continues to employ him.


On Wednesday afternoon, she responded:

Metzger’s IMDB page lists him as a writer for the show’s latest season.

Regardless of her denunciation of Metzger’s comments, Schumer (or whoever helps her with her social media, if there is such a person) has spent yesterday and today blocking individuals who tweet at her about him.


It presents an odd contradiction in her messaging: she finally condemned Metzger’s comments after receiving pressure on social media to do so, yet she’s blocked many of the people who exerted that pressure.

The Daily Dot reports that Metzger has a noted history of harassing women online. He has said that he once “criminally” choked an ex-girlfriend and is “pro-rape.”


Neither Schumer’s publicist nor Comedy Central have responded to requests for comment.

Update (11:15 p.m.): Schumer tweeted the following:


It isn’t clear whether or not Schumer is nitpicking (ie. the fourth season is over and they aren’t currently in production). In January, Comedy Central announced the show had been renewed for a fifth season.

Update (10:55 a.m.): Schumer clarified, again, this morning that her show has not been canceled.


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Yeah, anybody can block anybody on Twitter. If the first I hear of you as a person is you up in my @s yelling at me about something (at the same time that THOUSANDS OF OTHER PEOPLE ARE ALSO YELLING AT ME IN MY @S) I would feel no compunction blocking you, and fuck anyone who tells me I am obligated to patiently let randos yell at me on Twitter to prove how feminist I am.