Amy Schumer Clarifies That She Loves Her Fans So You Can Stop Harassing Her Now

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After an entitled male fan ran up on her on the street, Amy Schumer posted his picture for the world to mock. Not sure what happened to him, but it seems like it’s been a rough 24 hours for Schumer.


Schumer had said this guy’s behavior meant the Fun Fan Interaction store was closed for business, but she clarified that she will still be taking pictures with folks who don’t act like total a-holes.


Already a lightening rod for angry men with itchy “send” fingers, it would appear that Amy Schumer’s haters frothed the Internet waters of harassment after she came for one of their own. She shared even more words on the topic as well as a sketch that, like much of Inside Amy Schumer, made me laugh about something horrible.

Here, for the laugh/cry.


“Wearing a sports jersey with their child on their shoulders” perfectly describes most of my online harassers who comment, but don’t follow. Rude.

Justin Bieber’s dreads are gone, but selfie after blurry selfie is still available:




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A few weeks ago, I read an article by a woman who was a big fan of Matthew Perry. She went to see his play and waited by the stage door to met him. This took hours. When she finally saw him, he rushed past and said he wasn’t signing autographs. She was so disappointed and upset with him. I can understand her feelings but I don’t think she was thinking of him like a person. He just spent hours doing a play and it was very late at night when he left. He more than likely was tired and wanted to go home.

Honestly, I think there are some fans who expected too much from the people they are fans of. If they want to put limits on how they interact with them, it’s their right.