Amy Schumer Bought a $2,000 Mattress for An Employee Who Let Her Use the Bathroom

Here’s a nice story about Amy Schumer, an emergency bathroom stop and a $2,000 good deed.


As People tells it, Amy Schumer was going for a jog in Chicago when she found herself in a situation we all have been in — she desperately had to use the restroom but couldn’t find a suitable place to do so. Instead of going into a Starbucks or whatever, she ran into the first place she found, which was a mattress store called Six Corners Mattress Firm.

Out of the kindness of her heart or maybe because mattress stores in Chicago are nicer than, say, a Gap in Midtown Manhattan that you’d think would have a bathroom but definitely does not, Sagine Lazarre, the manager, pointed her towards the bathroom. On her way out, Schumer asked Lazarre what mattress in the store was her favorite and then bought the $2,000 item for her on the spot.

The part about this story that tickles me the most is that Lazarre didn’t recognize Amy Schumer at first and had to Google her to figure out who the sweaty blonde lady that bought her a mattress out of nowhere was.

See? Isn’t that nice? Nice things still happen. Remind yourself of that every now and again.


Mel B’s messy ex Stephen Belafonte is claiming that Mel B “alienated” him from his children, as per new legal documents he filed on Wednesday.


From TMZ:

When he last saw them he says the 2 kids told him, “Mommy is really mad at you and that’s why she won’t let us come and see you.”

Belafonte claims his 5-year-old daughter, Madison, and 10-year-old stepdaughter, Angel, miss him terribly, yet he hasn’t seen them in 3 weeks. He says he’s received “a series of heart wrenching text messages from Angel,” including “I Love You,” “Daddy Where are you” followed by a crying emoji.


Angel’s biological father is Eddie Murphy, but Belafonte claims that she has no idea that he isn’t her biological father. He’s also claiming that he’s the only parent who cooks and also “plays games with them, cuddles with them and tells them stories.”


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Tupiniquim - Our spin is DEAD

Donald Trump: orders women to pee on a mattress.

Amy Schumer: pees in the toilet, buys a woman a mattress.

Based on this comparison alone, Amy Schumer would be a better president. :/