America's Little Girls Demand Frozen Dolls, the Hell With Barbie

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This year, Barbie won't be the most popular holiday gift for the little girls of America. Nope, she's been shoved off the winner's podium by those spotlight-stealing bitches from Frozen.


That's according to a survey from the National Retail Federation. Bloomberg reports that when the D.C.-based trade group conducted its annual poll of 6,600 parents nationwide, around 20 percent planned to purchase Frozen dolls for their daughters. Barbie, meanwhile, clocked in at 17 percent. They've been doing the list for a decade and it's the first time the princess of pink hasn't taken the top spot.


This latest blow comes at the end of a long, dismal year for the doll, who now faces the additional indignity of competition from the "realistic" Lammily, who ships with optional cellulite and acne.

Of course Mattel sells both Frozen merch and Barbie for now, so the money ultimately all flows into the same coffers—but when 2016 rolls around, Hasbro gets the license.

Other popular purchases: dolls (generic), Monster High, and American Girl. Meanwhile parents are purchasing Legos, cars and trucks and Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles for their boys. Bridging the divide: tiny pieces that'll hurt like the devil when you step on them in the dark.

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Some friends of mine have a 3 year old daughter. When I was over at their house for her 2nd birthday, she was dressed up in a sparkly outfit of her own choosing. She looked very much like a princess, and I began to say something to that effect.

My friend cut me off, saying that they're trying not to use the 'P' word in front of her, for reasons obvious to any Jezebel reader. I laughed and said ok, acknowledging that it was a noble but probably ultimately futile effort.

By the time her 3rd birthday came around, she had seen Frozen and the whole princess thing was off the charts crazy. They were helpless to fight it. She dresses up as Elsa at least once a day as far as I can tell.

The moral of the story is that Frozen is the most powerful force in the universe and so of course Barbie is powerless against it.