Those exploitative and innuendo-filled ads American Apparel has become notorious for will soon be nothing more than a memory. Bloomberg reports the company has announced plans to “recast the brand in a positive, inclusive, socially conscious light.” That means less nudity, and more clothes. You know, the stuff they actually sell.

The presentation American Apparel created for its shareholders is filled with the kinds of wildly optimistic and oversimplified strategies one would expect from a struggling brand with a lot on the line. One slide recommends abandoning their “inappropriate” ads that are “offensive to many” and becoming an “inspiring” and “inclusive brand” instead. And it’s easy! Just cut out that one photo of the woman spreading her legs and paste in the one of her standing!

But the company, even in outward-facing documents, still can’t seem to get anything right. The following slide describes millennials as “the most diverse US population,” but used this photo to represent them:


At least they’re trying?

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Images via American Apparel.