Amber Rose and Blac Chyna’s Reality Show Was Canceled Because Kim Kardashian Made a Phone Call

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This summer it was announced that Amber Rose and Blac Chyna would be “baring it all” for a reality series that would “focus on [the two women] taking care of their kids while juggling work, including club appearances.” But last week—not long after the Slut Walk during which Rose publicly forgave Kanye for his “30 showers” comment—the show was scrapped.


Originally it was rumored the show fell apart because its two stars suddenly decided they hated each other, but apparently that’s not the whole story. It might be because Kim Kardashian picked up the phone.

Reports Radar:

“Kim has spoken to Amber Rose this past weekend. She wanted to let her know that she and Kanye both thought that it took a lot of courage to do what she did and that they are both ready to move on from the drama and start fresh.”

“Without being able to trash the Kardashians, they just felt like their show does not have much weight any more,” says the source. Meanwhile, the Kardashians are thrilled.

The Kardashians were apparently “living in fear” of the show and all the secrets the two women could potentially expose. But now that it’s been canceled, we’ll have to wait for Scott Disick’s tell-all instead.


In related “news,” this animation of Penelope Disick being struck by a car door should serve as a very detailed reminder of how many photographs of the Kardashians are being taken at any given moment:

My dear friend Chris is now on Instagram! Welcome him with open arms and try to be friendly, because he’s very shy:


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In case you can’t see the pic of Penelope getting hit by a car (it’s not showing up on my computer), here it is and it is fantastic. If this were my kid, I’d get this whole succession of pics framed. Bottom Left is priceless. What a cutie pie.

(she’s not hurt or anything, right?)