Amanda Knox Moves Into 'Shabby' Apartment With Newly-Identified Boyfriend

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Today the Daily Mail has a complete update on the life of a chick from Seattle who didn't murder anybody. Despite previous reports that she and fellow defendant Raffaele Sollecito would run off into the night together to enjoy a lifetime of forgetting to speak their native language, in a TV interview he said (allegedly with tears in his eyes):

It's all over between us ... I still have a great affection towards her but nothing else. Our love was like a seed that was not allowed to grow because it was brutally stamped on ... All I want to say is that I wish her all the happiness in the world. She has suffered like me and now I just want her to be happiest woman in the world.


It seems Knox has moved on from her poetic Italian ex, with the aforementioned hipster dude, who's been identified as James Terrano, a classical guitar student at the University of Washington. Supposedly they're living together in a "shabby £950-a-month apartment they share in Seattle's rundown Chinatown area," and Terrano's "nuclear physicist brother William," confirms, "Yes, she's dating my brother. They have known each other for years. We've all been friends since before Amanda went to Italy." The reporting on Knox's post-acquittal love life has officially gone too far, as a nuclear physicist has better things to do than talking to British tabloids. Reporters have to stop tailing Knox at some point, because the world doesn't need to know what a 40-year-old Amanda Knox picked up at Target.

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How expensive are property prices in Seattle that £950 a month is considered shabby? That's over $1500 a month. I know I'm spoiled living in Louisiana where I have a two-bedroom duplex with a big backyard in a nice neighborhood for $850/month, but Seattle isn't New York City - are prices really that bad there?