Non-Italian non-murderer Amanda Knox is slowly but surely readjusting to free life stateside after spending nearly 4 years in Italian prison. She dressed up as a mustachioed cat burglar for Halloween. She's speaking English again. And now it looks like she's got herself an American-style boyfriend, complete with a beard worthy of a sea shanty.

The Mirror posted some photos of Knox and her new mystery lumberjack flying around Seattle on a floating cloud of cartoon hearts. The man has his arm around her shoulder; their fingers are intertwined. He's wearing a wool cap that indicates that he either owns a fishing tackle store or has an iPod loaded with Mumford & Sons.


The family of murder victim Meredith Kercher doesn't appreciate Knox's public gallivanting. They criticized her Halloween "cat burglar" costume, citing the fact that Kercher was last seen alive in public at a Halloween party and Knox was originally convicted of simulating a robbery, although the costume screams "French stereotype meets Guy Fawkes" more than it does "taunting a murder victim's family." (Update: Knox was actually dressed as Seattle Sounders forward Roger Levesque.)

Obviously, we'll have more of this scintillating and globally relevant story as it develops, but I was really hoping that Amanda Knox would have saved herself for Prince Harry, as it would have been incredible to witness all of the UK press experience a massive, simultaneous aneurysm.

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