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Alyson Hannigan Is Finally the Star of Her Own Show

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Alyson Hannigan hasn’t quite found the right project since the end of How I Met Your Mother in 2014, though there have been some false starts. But ABC has just green lit a show with Hannigan in the starring role, and you know what? It’s about time!


Deadline reports that the show, titled Man of The House, stars Hannigan as one of two recently divorced sisters who decide to shack up together so they can raise their gaggle of children with a little sisterly assistance. Hannigan is slated as the star, but the second half of the show’s description gives me pause:

The oldest kid and only son is left to figure out what manhood means in a world where he’s now completely surrounded by females.


Ohhhkaayyyy. But this premise in in good hands. The script is based on the life of writer Frank Pines, who is staffed on FreeForm’s Baby Daddy (wait there’s more), and is co-written with Vijal Patel of Black-ish (wait for it), and it’s being produced by Kerry Washington (there it is!).

Hannigan’s character is a social worker and general do-gooder who is shocked by her husband’s sudden desertion. She moves her two kids, one of which is the aforementioned lone son, into her evil sister’s house, where her nasty teen daughter also lives. The show had a “cast-contingent” pilot order; they had to find someone good in order to get it made. And they definitely did. Now we just wait and see if the project produces a season-worthy pilot. Rooting for you over here, Hannigan.

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The concept for the show sounds really interesting. In the last week alone, I’ve read a handful of op-eds about how to re-define masculinity so men feel like they can been vulnerable and express emotions without being emasculated. I think it’s an important topic. It sounds like this show might be the network television response to that question.

I get Jezebel needs to be snarky about absolutely everything, but I think the premise sounds very moment-appropriate and important. Obviously the execution of the premise will determine if the show is ultimately successful in its treatment of the problem.

In re Hannigan: get it, girl. I’ve been rooting for her since her Buffy days. Glad to see she is getting the spotlight.