Aly Raisman and Captain America Had a Nice Playdate and Are Maybe (Probably Not) in Love

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Before I begin this brief delve into fantasy, nothing I’ve read or seen confirms that Aly Raisman and Chris Evans are dating or anything other than friends—except for this throwaway story in People that was sourced from a tweet. However, please let me—and maybe you—have this one thing!! Maybe they’re just friends, or maybe they’re gonna kiss.

Aly Raisman is an Olympic gymnast from Needham and Chris Evans is a hot townie-adjacent actor from Boston, and one of my favorite White Chrises. They got together so their DOGS could have a playdate. Per the scenery in the following clip, it seems like this playdate took place in Boston, or at least on the East Coast. Perhaps they grabbed a Dunkies and then headed back to Raisman’s parents’ house for an innocent “playdate.”


Interesting, yes, love to see this. The little animal is Raisman’s recently-adopted pup, and the big boy belongs to Evans. There they are, two famous people from the Boston area, standing around and watching their dogs play like they’re at the dog park in the opening act of a middling rom-com. At some point during this dog-focused playdate, Chris Evans and his fisherman sweater set foot inside Aly Raisman’s home.

I’m sorry, but the four years I spent in Boston at a mediocre college that focused on “the performing arts” have given me a real soft spot for the place and the people—especially famous people like Chris Evans, who has been photographed looking a little bit like a hot dirtbag. Honestly, I’m embarrassed to say that this Hyundai commercial, during which Evans speaks to Rachel Dratch and John Krasinski in a Boston accent, really did it for me. The other famous people here sound like a bad SNL skit, but Evans? I don’t know, man, it works for me!

Are Aly Raisman and Chris Evans gonna date? Will John Krasinski ever stop annoying me? Is Chris Evans’s natural speaking voice that of an extra in Good Will Hunting? I don’t know! Maybe! Yes. [People]


Pardon me, excuse me, just one moment, but I’d like to draw your attention to this woman, who proclaims to be Chrishell from Selling Sunset. I’m guessing the curtain bangs are clip-ons but I would like someone on her team to speak to her colorist about the blonde?? Maybe this was her choice—in fact, I’m sure it was—but... I don’t know?




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This Aly Raisman/Chris Evans + puppies tidbit has made my week. I don’t care if they actually date or not, in my mind it’s already happening. Also, their dogs are adorable.