Almond Breeze More Breeze Than Almonds, Says Lawsuit

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Almond Breeze is facing a class action lawsuit for false advertising because it turns out that its special almond milk recipe is essentially just almond-flavored water.

According to the company’s UK website, its almond milk is mostly spring water. In fact, only two percent of their alleged almond milk is actually almonds. Two percent. The rest is calcium carbonate, tapioca starch, sea salt, bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit.

Salon’s Lindsay Abrams writes:

Of course, not even homemade almond milk is expected consist entirely, or even mostly, of almonds. But according to Food Navigator, the plaintiffs contend that based “upon an extensive review of the recipes for almond milk on the internet,” a reasonable amount of almond to expect is somewhere between 25 to 33 percent...

And [the plaintiffs] say Blue Diamond, by putting big pictures of almonds on its cartons of the beverage it calls almond milk and using “made from real almonds” as its slogan, is “leading people to believe that the products are made primarily from almonds,” which, as we’ve learned, they are not.


The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) was apparently cool with Almond Breeze’s branding since back in 2012, mostly because they figured people should know that you can’t juice almonds:

“We considered that, whilst consumers might not be aware of exactly how almond milk was produced, they were likely to realize... that the production of almond milk would necessarily involve combining almonds with a suitable proportion of liquid to produce a ‘milky’ consistency.”

Basically, almond milk is almond flavored sugar water and God is dead, bye.

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I’m kind of fond of cashew milk lately, but it’s getting harder to find. Probably wasn’t that great of a seller, which is unfortunate.

And no, I don’t drink cashew/almond/coconut milk because of some need to feel smug... I drink it because I kept finding that drinking dairy milk (be it whole or on down to skim) constantly gave me horrible stomach cramps starting a few years ago. I hate soy milk, rice milk is meh, and I found that almond/coconut/cashew milks made me feel tons better. I still like regular milk (and I will stab anyone who tries to take my cheeses >.>) but that’s a once in awhile treat.

But I was under the impression that almond and other nut milks were pretty much just the ground up nuts pureed into a ‘butter’ and then mixed with water and some other additives for flavoring/richness. I know someone who says she makes her own almond milk and described her recipe and process, but I can’t find it or remember it, though I do recall that water made up the majority of the mix.