All the Places I've Tripped

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Tripping is a part of life for some people, but not for everyone, and that’s fine.

It’s been a major part of my life for (I’m embarrassed to admit) as long as I can remember. I’ve spoken with several therapists about why this might be, and the most convincing explanation I can think of is because I am so weak, both of mind and body.


Sensing a pattern, I’ve put together an incomplete list of places I’ve tripped.

  • On a party bus at my “boyfriend’s” senior prom (he actually wouldn’t let me call him my boyfriend)
  • Every winter in college
  • During Senior Week at college
  • In my childhood home
  • In my current apartment
  • In my first, second, and third apartments
  • In the middle of the street in Cobble Hill
  • At a dance party
  • Next to a construction site on the way to work
  • On the steps going down to the New York subway
  • On the steps going down to the Washington D.C. metro
  • On the steps coming out of the Paris métro
  • Under scaffolding behind Port Authority holding a sandwich
  • Secretly, in the bathroom at work
  • Walking by my bed to get to my bathroom, daily
  • Outside the old Condé Nast building
  • Inside the old Condé Nast building
  • After drinking, in a snowbank
  • In every carpeted hallway


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