All Celebrities Should Follow Drew Barrymore's Lead When Correcting Misleading News Items

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Mere hours after making headlines for an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden during which she (sort of) called Jake Gyllenhaal her least talented co-star, national treasure, Crocs spokesperson, and frequent subject of my own blogs for some reason Drew Barrymore would like everyone to know that she actually hearts Jake Gyllenhaal.


You see, what happened with James Corden was actually less scandalous than it seemed in the many headlines that flooded the gossip rags on Thursday. Barrymore, a flower petal permanently caught in a gust of wind, didn’t call Jake Gyllenhaal her least-talented co-star ever, she was asked to rank him, Adam Sandler, and Hugh Grant. Of course Sandler and Grant—with whom she starred in three wildly successful romcoms and likely had a closer relationship with—received higher marks than the kid she taught in Donnie Darko!

But Barrymore must have felt severe guilt and regret over her response, so she showed up to the second season premiere of Santa Clarita Diet with a very special accessory: a hand-made sign that read “I <3 JAKE GYLLENHAAL.”

Per usual, I respect Barrymore’s decision here. (If only because I too <3 Jake Gyllenhaal, as he became my first real celebrity crush thanks to October Sky.) It’s a little wackadoo, but it’s also genuine and endearing. This is how celebrities should clarify their opinions: via signage, not Notes App.

For more photos of Barrymore’s sign, click through the slideshow below.

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I saw, probably on this site and forever ago, an article about her zombie TV show and how nobody knew much about it or when it was coming out and then I forgot about it. But I just saw the trailer for season two and it looks pretty funny. I’m wondering if anyone here has seen the first season and what y’all thought of it.