Watch Drew Barrymore Sing About Crocs, Or Don't, Because Crocs Are All About Being Comfortable

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One of the most inspired celebrity endorsement deals these days is the one between Drew Barrymore and Crocs. She’s not the greatest actor in world, but doggonit, she’s one of the most charming. And Crocs aren’t the greatest shoes in the world, but doggonit, they’re among the most comfortable.

In their latest collaboration, tied to the brand’s non-Nirvana-related tagline “Come As You Are,” Crocs and Barrymore created a fun new commercial. It’s more of a short film, actually. A short musical film. The 90-second clip has a sort of Old Navy meets the first quarter of La La Land aesthetic—a primary color-filled journey that follows Barrymore through a series of minimalist sets (each representing a daily activity in which you could theoretically wear and be comfortable in Crocs) as she sings about not needing to be a “model” or having a “perfect body” to be “comfortable in your own shoes.”

OK, fine, you got me. I can’t keep up this facade any longer. This commercial isn’t that great, the relentlessly optimistic message is nothing new, and I still have no interest in buying these hideous shoes. I really only love it—and wanted to share it with all of you—because of this part (video below) of Barrymore “tap dancing” in her Crocs. It’s so, so funny. Like a scene in a bad movie about an orphanage where the grumbling, wicked owner HATES MUSIC and REFUSES TO LET THE ORPHANS DANCE which leads the youngest one, naturally gifted in the art of tap (probably because her late mother, whom she never knew, was once the most faaaamous dancer in the whole world) must wear Crocs to secretly express herself at night.

But even though I love that 4-second moment, it’s not my favorite Crocs+Drew collaboration. This is:

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I <3 Crocs, seriously. Their flats are actually cute, work-friendly, and comfortable af. And they go on sale constantly. I’m pretty much an 11.5W (which I never would have found out without Torrid), and I can fit into most of their size 11s unless they say they run small.