Alison Brie Once Wet Herself on the Set of Mad Men and Shot a Full Scene Soaked in Urine

While the costumes on Mad Men never came off as low-maintenance, actress Alison Brie still received a warm, wet, acrid shock when she learned just how challenging 1960s apparel can be—especially when paired with modern day underwear.


Appearing on Thursday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, Brie—who played Trudy Campbell—told a story from one of her first days on the Mad Men set when, in a rush to use the bathroom before takes, she ended up accidentally wetting herself.

“I just start peeing and I can’t really hear the pee hitting the toilet,” she recounted. “So I realized I missed [pulling aside] my underwear. They didn’t quite make it out of the way and I just did a full pee. It was not a slight trickle, there was no stopping it in the middle.”


Having no time to change or fully clean up, Brie rushed into shooting a full scene, her under-layers fully soaked in urine.

Asked if anyone figured out what was happening, Brie replied that the costume designer, Janie Bryant, figured it out after asking Brie why she looked so uncomfortable. Turns out, according to Bryant (an expert), actors wetting their costumes “happens more often than you would think.”

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My wife and I quote Pete and Trudy Campbell often. They were a great couple of characters.

It’s a chip n dip!