Alex Karpovsky of Girls on Next Season, Reading Blogs, Playing (Adorable) Jerks

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Oh, Alex Karpovsky. I want to be crass at you in a million ways but I don't want to go to jail. The adorable minx is best known as Hannah's better half/exercise enthusiast Adam cafe dictator Ray on Girls, this guy is tops. I know everyone is mixed on Girls, and the show has its problems, ones we need to keep talking about them, but really, what show doesn't? Besides Two and a Half Men, it's perfection.


Let's get down to business with the Hollywood Reporter interview with this tall drink of water.

On the difference between shooting the last season of Girls and the new one, which premieres on Jan 13:

It's nice to know that it's caught on with a certain sect of the population. I don't think anyone knew how it was going to do, of course. We didn't know if it was going to be too weird or too niche-y or only watched in Brooklyn or what. So it definitely gave us confidence, and that definitely helps morale.

On why he stays away from reading blogs (no offense! none taken!):

I honestly didn't read too much about it. Obviously it gets trickled down to you. We talked about it during lunch and stuff. But I don't read the blogs. I read reviews of everything I do as an actor, but everything I've done as an actor up until Girls had been in film, and there's a safety there, because once you read the reviews, you're done with that character. No one makes sequels in the independent world. So there's a wall there.

With Girls, I'm nervous or anxious about reading reviews because I have to go back to that character and I don't want it to affect me. So I don't read the blogs, I don't read the reviews. Things trickle down to me, but I try not to read too much.


I can dig it. If I was on TV or movies, I'm pretty sure I'd live in a dark box whenever I wasn't doing my job. Also, I'd have all my meals flown in from Manna in London and never talk to you fuckers again.

On playing characters who aren't super likable (even though I disagree — Adam is sunshine, light, and crunches I agree, Ray is pretty much a dick):

It is. I think there's just a lot more variety and texture. There's a lot more diversity you can lend to a jerk than you can lend to a straight man. I think a straight man, there are only two or three shades of grey there to lend to it. For the most part, I'm generalizing. Whereas a jerk, you can really go wild. You can be an asshole in so many different ways. I think the diversity is appealing.


There you have it! Now, let's talk about how cute he is. If you disagree, that's cool, I'm not here to judge. (WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY!?) Do you have any hopes or dreams for the next season, beyond some authentic diversity and more naked butts? Let's rap.

[Update: Oh crap, I messed up! Mea culpa! I read it in reader and was just not thinking with the photo. Oh man, am I gonna get called out for thinking all white dudes look the same? I should be. Have at it, internet. Luckily I think this guy is cute, too. So, uh, we can still rap on that if we're cool?]


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Ray is not a jerk. He chased Shosh down when she was running away from him when he didn't know her just because he promised her cousin that he would take care of her.

He gave Hannah a job even though she has no skills except for writing in her journal AND he let her leave early to go to the party.

He seems to genuinely like Shoshanna and was pretty gentle with her in the last episode.

Ray is one of the only characters who isn't totally selfish. He's just brusque and isn't about to spare someone's feelings - which, I think, is why it made it made his interactions with Shoshanna in the last episode seem authentic.