Alec Baldwin Wants to Know if Donald Trump Is Threatening Him

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Alec Baldwin does a middling impression of Donald Trump on the TV and a better one in real life, but though imitation is the best form of flattery, the President does not appear to care much for him. Now, Baldwin wants to know if Trump’s displeasure with SNL Trump amounts to a threat.


Indeed, upon watching a vaguely amusing border wall sketch on Saturday’s episode, Trump wondered out loud to his 58.4 million real and purchased followers whether or not a satirical television program should be “looked into” and/or amounts to “Collusion!” (spoiler alert: no.)

We are well past the point of making note of each time Trump transforms his Twitter account into a call to arms, not to mention that this is by no means the first time the President has sicced his MAGA chuds on SNL. But Baldwin seemed slightly concerned about this one, based on his tweet Sunday evening:

It is true that no sitting U.S. President has ever called for “retribution” against a comedy program. It is also noteworthy that though satirical programs were once very popular in Russia, once Trump’s leader crush took the lead, Russian officials axed them, instead utilizing humor as part of the government’s infamous propaganda machine.

But I still think the best thing to do is stick Trump and Baldwin in the Situation Room together and gently whisper, “Kiss!” though I suppose this is why they don’t let me do the war crimes.



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