Alec Baldwin Pleads Guilty to Being an Asshole

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It feels like it’s been a small lifetime since Alec Baldwin had a showdown with another man over an East Village village parking spot, but, hey, that happened the equivalent of only two-and-a-half government shutdowns ago. Wild.


According to Page Six, on Wednesday Baldwin pleaded guilty to second-degree harassment over the November 2 incident. Penalties include a $120 fine and anger management classes, which I’m sure will make for a wonderful future romcom.

At first, things looked much worse for Donald Trump’s most correlative impersonator, since Baldwin was initially charged with punching fellow parking spot enthusiast Wojciech Cieszkowski in addition to harassing him. The assault charge was later dropped, though Baldwin reportedly admitted to “ getting handsy with the driver,” per Page Six’s wording. Now, he’s required to complete his anger management courses by March 22. Best of luck.

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TMZ published photos from inside R. Kelly’s embattled Chicago music studio—one so full of building code violations the city is reportedly taking action—and shit is...fucked up.

The recording studio was allegedly home to Kelly’s reported “sex cult,” and it certainly seems like someone (or several someones) were living in the space. The studio is also very clearly falling apart. Perhaps it won’t be charges of sexual assault that lead to Kelly’s undoing, but municipal building code, not that there’s much justice in the world.



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