Ah, My Worst Nightmare Has Arrived!

It’s a good thing the remake of Overboard is coming out on 4/20 because I will certainly need 100 pounds of marijuana to get through this trainwreck!!


The trailer for a gender-switched Overboard features Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez, and the plot appears to be pretty faithful to the original: There is a poor person and a rich person. The rich person gets amnesia and the poor person scams the rich person by convincing them that they’re married. Hijinks, romance, drama, etc., ensue. In this iteration, Kate (Faris)is a housecleaner, and Leonardo (Derbez) is a rude, rich asshole. Leonardo gets amnesia and Kate convinces him that he’s poor and that they’re married. This, according to Kate’s best friend, played by Eva Longoria, is “poetic justice.”

This is the year we ran out of ideas. Mark it in your datebook, Write yourself a little note—we ran out of things and have had to turn to the past for ideas, but in a way that sucks! In the original, Goldie Hawn is a snooty heiress who is rude to the hot carpenter working on her mega-yacht, played by Kurt Russell. She falls overboard (get it?), gets amnesia and ends up in the arms of aforementioned hot carpenter, helping him raise his kids, do yard work, cook food, blah blah.

I would take Goldie Hawn in this outfit every day over this new-but-not-really redemption story of an asshole overcoming his asshole ways.

Senior Writer, Jezebel


The original is charming and hilarious, but only if you ignore the whole false pretenses, held against her will, rape-y kind of overtone of the Sweaty Carpenter’s scheme to defraud the rude rich lady. It works because the chemistry between Goldie and Kurt is palpable and everyone in the movie is having a really great time, so the dark side doesn’t intrude. But in today’s #metoo climate, with sexual exploitation in the news every day, I can’t imagine how this works, even with the gender roles switched.