After a Rocky Time Under Walmart, Modcloth Is Reportedly For Sale

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When ModCloth started, it was a quirky independent company that actually made cute plus-sized clothes, earning a dedicated customer base. But as Anna Merlan reported in 2017, the company went through a series of significant changes that altered the company’s self-described feminist ethos, the biggest being its acquisition by, owned by Walmart. Now Walmart is reportedly selling the brand, with the company’s chief executive confirming that ModCloth has attracted interest from buyers.


Business of Fashion reports that Walmart is now “in the process of exploring potential opportunities.” The potential sale news comes after the brand has seen a “revolving door of senior managers,” BoF reports. Plans to open more brick and mortar stores, a process that began last year with a San Francisco location, have been “dialed back.”

In 2016 Walmart bought for $3.3 billion in a move to ramp up its online commerce business, chasing Amazon’s success. But Recode reported in July that Walmart is going to suffer a projected loss of more than $1 billion for its e-commerce division. The sale of ModCloth is clearly a way for Walmart to try and recoup some of those losses.

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I never got into Modcloth, but I can see why it was popular. I think Lulus has been eating into that space, though - they’re essentially doing what Modcloth did but they’re doing it at better pricepoints and less vintage-y (not that vintage-y is bad, but there’s more options for the everyday lass).

I’d be curious whether actual customers found any difference while it was under Walmart?