Adele Reveals New Album Title, Details in Rambling Open Letter to True Believers

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News that Adele might be releasing an album sometime soon have been exciting the internet for some time, but the speculation grew to a fever pitch over the weekend when the artist teased what appeared to be some new music on Twitter. Now, Adele wants all the fans to know that 25 is coming. She doesn’t know exactly when, but the musician wants you to know exactly what it’s going to be about. Kind of.


On Wednesday, the singer released what Stereogum refers to as a “personal but vague statement” on Twitter that confirmed that the album is real and that unlike her last record—which you could put on just to cry and be angry—this newest album will be a “makeup record.”

Here’s everything the world knew about the album before, via Stereogum:

Supposedly, she worked on the album with a varied cast of characters that includes Danger Mouse, Max Martin, Tobias Jesso Jr., and Ryan Tedder. Sia’s new single “Alive” was originally meant for the new Adele album, but Sia kept it for herself. We heard a bit of a new song in a mysterious TV ad.

And here’s Adele’s open letter, which is either an album announcement or a thinly veiled set of clues that reveals that the singer’s discography has something to do with solving The Da Vinci Code. (19, 21, Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall, and now 25??? Is no one else noticing the pattern? Wake up, sheeple!)


After reading this twice, I still have no idea what’s going on or what it could mean for the performer’s sound, but I can guarantee you this: I’ll be buying a copy when it drops. Allegedly, fans may not have long to wait. The new album’s rumored to release in November and, according to reports, Adele’s been preparing for it by getting herself scheduled on SNL and The Today Show.

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Lol, Mark. Clearly you’re not a writer. Her note is that 2:29 am burst of creativity that causes her to wake up, grab her IPad, write it all down because she “DOESN’T WANT TO FORGET” by the morning, and the hit “Send” and gently fall back asleep content that she has shared something magical with the world. We’ve all been there, amiirtte?