Adam Levine Is Another Man Who Understands Women Because He Has Daughters

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John Mayer really launched a generation of male feminists when he said “fathers be good to your daughters.” The latest ally is Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, who doesn’t mind spending ev-uh-ery day out on the corner in the pouring rain, and who also began to understand women’s struggles better after he had daughters.


In an interview for the cover of Variety, when asked what connected him to “the plight of women” (in reference to Maroon 5's hit “Girls Like You”), Levine told the mag, “Being a male who is a prominent public figure is a very tricky place to be. There are dangerous waters to navigate. I have two young daughters, and to think about them being mistreated at all—ever—made my blood boil.”

We’ll never know what would’ve happened if he didn’t have daughters. With this, Levine joins a long line of men whose support for women’s rights grew significantly after they became fathers—this includes Stephen Curry and Barack Obama.

“We had a historic [midterm] election with how many women turned out and ran,” Levine told Variety. “Like, hell, we can actually do this!” Yes! To bring it back to Maroon 5, though, his sentiment explains the concept behind the “Girls Like You” video. In it, Levine sings into a microphone while various women appear and disappear behind him and a camera circles around him. He did it “for all of us to remember as men to support these women.” Which is the right thing to say.

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I’ve never been a fan of his, in part because he reminds me of a big warm glass of intensely self-congratulatory milk, and I’d love to be salty about the hoary “until daughters” wokeness, but...good on him for getting there, eventually.

There’s a lot he could have done (or not done) with that “father of daughters” awareness, but he seems genuinely enthused about doing something to help instead of inhibit and is actively incorporating it into media that’s getting wide attention. So, props, as far as that goes.

That said, Id feel a whole lot better about it if the title had beenWomen Like You.” Grown women are not girls and I’m thoroughly tired of the persistent use of an infantilizing term, especially in a piece of work intended to combat the very sexism it’s contributing to. Yes, it’s a pedantic hill but I’m totally willing to die on it.