Adam Levine Got Sugar-Bombed in the Face Last Night

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Prior to performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, Adam Levine, outside signing autographs of fans, was accosted by a “prankster” (which I guess is what we’re calling assholes these days) who dumped a bag of powdered sugar over the Maroon 5 singer’s head. This, despite being an homage to the band’s current hit “Sugar,” is a very rude thing to do.

I’ve said my fair share of mean things about Adam Levine (that he’s a “tribal arm band tattoo that successfully wished his way into becoming a full human man” and “the human equivalent of testing positive for chlamydia” being chief among them), comments that I look back on with a mix of pride and guilt, and even I—THIS BITCH—think that it’s rude to throw sugar (or any object) at Adam Levine. Heck, even Jimmy Kimmel, television’s current Dennis the Menace, thinks it’s rude to throw things at Adam Levine.


According to Jimmy Kimmel Live! reps, police were contacted over the incident. As they told the Hollywood Reporter:

Immediately after the incident occurred, Jimmy Kimmel Live security followed protocol and alerted LAPD, who responded quickly and are looking into the situation.

Again, please do not throw things at Adam Levine. Unless this ends up being an elaborate Jimmy Kimmel Live! prank. Then you can hurl whatever you want at him and Jimmy Kimmel.


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Not sure what I hate more, this TMZ headline—”KENDALL J. & MICHAEL B. JORDAN: HE FITS THE BF PROFILE...For Kardashians”—or the news that Kendall Jenner might be dating mega babe Michael B. Jordan. The pair “bolted out of the Met Gala” together, causing speculation that they might be “hooking up.” Or maybe he was just giving her a ride home, not because they’re dating, but because Michael B. Jordan IS A GENTLEMAN. [TMZ]

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More in the Who’s Who of Who’s Fucking, Andy Cohen once had sex with Lance Bass. This hot bit of gos’ was revealed during an episode of Watch What Happens Live while Andy was playing a game of “One on One” with Real Housewives of New York cast member/toaster oven empress Sonja Morgan and was asked to name his most famous hook-up. Is a former third (or fourth) (or fifth) string boybander a high enough bar for famous? Please, like you wouldn’t tell everyone if you hooked up with Chris Kirkpatrick. [People]

  • Tom Hiddleston is dating Elizabeth Olsen and the sound you hear is Tumblr screaming. [US Weekly]
  • Love is apparently in the air because here’s even more relationship news: Bella Hadid is dating The Weeknd. [E! Online]
  • Hilary Duff says a story about Hilary Duff finding love on Tinder would be “the story of the year.” Has she heard about the Baltimore protests or the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage yet? [Just Jared]
  • Several of the leaked Sony emails mock Bruce Jenner for being transgender. [Radar]
  • On a brighter note, good lord: Lisa Bonet, Lenny Kravitz and Zoë Kravitz are just about the cutest, most attractive family you’ll ever see. [POPSUGAR]
  • Diane Keaton says that Channing Tatum could make her reconsider her decision to never marry. [People]
  • Meanwhile, Calvin Harris is trying to win over Taylor Swift with vegan barbecue (i.e. the exact opposite of how you win over me.) [Page Six]

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Elizabeth Olsen is the color beige come to life. She’s anthropomorphic Silly Putty.

(Yes, I’m still mad I paid cash money to see Godzilla. Ten minutes of Brian Cranston, ninety minutes of Elizabeth Olsen. Shenanigans.)