ABC Picks Up Three Women-Created Pilots for Fall

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ABC is taking a gamble on walking, talking Troll doll* Malin Akerman in a new comedy called Trophy Wife, as well as a show starring professionally unfunny and non-adorable person** Rebel Wilson as a dorky lawyer who's gonna make it, after all.


The logline for Trophy Wife is:

Trophy Wife centers on Akerman as a reformed party girl who finds herself with an instant family when she falls in love with a man who happens to already have three manipulative children and two judgey ex-wives.

Sounds like it has the potential to be fairly anti-woman, but fear not! Malin Akerman was wonderful on the best show that ever was and will ever be, The Comeback, and hilarious person Sarah Haskins is an executive producer. That's pretty much all we need to know. Get out your box wine and fatty snacks, because we're about to have nightly viewing parties here at Jez.

While Fox is bro-ing down with its Fall line-up, ABC picked up three women created pilots. In addition to Trophy Wife, they've got Super Fun Night starring (and written and EP'ed by) Rebel Wilson as a junior lawyer who goes all Ronald Donald on her lifelong nerd bffs when she ditches them to hang with the cool kid lawyers, and Killer Women, about a badass, tits-out lady Texas Ranger.

*sarcasm! she is very beautiful!
**sarcasm! she is very funny and adorable!




Can I add how good the new Michael J. Fox show looks... I particularily get a giggle when the daughter exploits her father's disability for a project in class. As the child of a father with a disability, this kind of business happened probably more than once.