Abandoned Dachshund Puppies Fostered by Capybara Named Cheesecake

Illustration for article titled Abandoned Dachshund Puppies Fostered by Capybara Named Cheesecake

Everyone sit down; this might be the greatest love story of our time.

Not that long ago, eight dachshund puppies were found in a plastic container behind a church in Arkansas. The kind folks at Rocky Ridge Refuge rescued them, and guess who their foster mom is? A giant capybara named Cheesecake. A CAPYBARA named CHEESECAKE. Come on!


When life gives wiener dogs lemons, Rocky Ridge went ahead and turned them into cheesecake. (HEY-O!) (Sorry.)

According to RRR, the puppies are doing well under Cheesecake's loving care and supervision, and will soon be available for adoption. Unfortunately, Cheesecake is the one wiener dog you can't take home.



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I will be forming a posse to hunt down the scumsuckers who left these little babes in a plastic fucking container$%^#$^%#$%#$RAGE$@#%#$%#

I live in the desert and there are people who drive out here and just DROP in the middle of nowhere, baby kitties and puppies. So my need to hunt and destroy humans... it is strong.