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Aaron Rodgers Wasn't on Last Night's Bachelorette, But He Might as Well Have Been

At this point, America has gotten pretty familiar with Jordan Rodgers, brother of Aaron Rodgers, because despite how much he’s argued he’s far more than just the brother of a famous football player, his edit on the show is certainly not showing up his other skills.


“Aaron Rodgers is this famous football player,” JoJo clarified for the audience, as if we didn’t know, as she walked around Jordan’s high school during their hometown date, “and I saw a photo of Aaron on the wall. And I pointed it out to ask him if it was his brother. And you could tell Jordan just didn’t want to talk about it, and it hurts him to bring it up.”

That apparent reticence to discuss it didn’t stop JoJo from being curious though, and she did manage to confirm a timeline for how long the family has been estranged from Aaron: a year or two.


“It doesn’t need to be a topic, I’ll just tell them we talked about it,” Jordan said to JoJo before she went to meet the non-Aaron portions of his family. Somehow, as you can see from the video above, it still came up a lot!

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Not trying to be blasé or anything but would you really care if your bf’s brother was a famous football player? I suppose there are certain families I’d be excited to marry into (the Hemsworths!), maybe it’s just that I’m not a football fan....