Aaron Paul's First Onscren Kiss Was on Original 90210, Is Adorable

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If you ever become famous and have to go on a late night talk show to promote some project, just know that they will pull up the most embarrassing video they can find. Did you crap your pants on the playground in first grade? Oh, they have it. So, it makes sense that Aaron Paul had to relive his first onscreen kiss during his Tonight Show interview.


In this clip from the original Beverly Hills 90210 (DONNA MARTIN GRADUATES!), Aaron played a high school actor portraying Romeo in Shakespeare's tragedy. It's easy to pretend that this is Jesse Pinkman, too, and that Mr. White is just lurking in the background, ready to pelt him with beakers if he screws up his lines. They have a complicated relationship.

Who else is really excited for Breaking Bad?? August 11, bitch!

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I've never seen this show but when I admit it people look at me like I have a baby arm growing out of my forehead. I guess I need to netflix it and power through?