Aaron Paul Helps Couple Get Engaged With Cameo In Adorable Video

Oh Aaron Paul. We spend so much time devoted to our intense studies of The Batch, Ryan Gosling, Hiddles, Jensen Ackles and other highly gif-able men, we all too often forget what a wondrous gift you are.

The Emmy-awarding actor is always doing really cool things, is he not? Like in this engagement video, where he delivers not just a touching message to an unsuspecting fan, but a pretty damn funny follow up. (Let's face it, it WOULD have been awkward if she'd said no after all that.)


Be warned: Aaron doesn't show up until around the five minute mark. However, the buildup and song/performance are pretty great, even for a jaded old person like me who usually watches these things going WHATEVER WAIT UNTIL HE'S FARTING NEXT TO YOU WHILE YOU'RE TRYING TO CROCHET LET'S SEE HOW IN LOVE YOU ARE THEN.

Aaron Paul, I will always be in love with you, though.

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Can I just comment how happy during the week Burt makes me? It's like my Christmas present from Jezebel.