A Whitney Houston Documentary, Centered on Her Drug Battles, Is Coming to BBC

The filmmaker behind Kurt & Courtney, the conspiratorial 1998 doc about Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, is releasing a documentary about Whitney Houston that will likely revolve around her drug battles.

According to a BBC announcement on Tuesday, Nick Broomfield is directing the documentary Whitney, which the network vaguely says “goes in search of the forces that made and then destroyed the singer who has been described as having one of the greatest voices of the last 50 years.”


Those “forces” likely refer to Houston’s well-known issues with cocaine use. This sounds like it’ll be in total opposition to Lifetime’s Whitney biopic, which predictably shied away from addressing her drug battles.

IndieWire reports:

Houston’s family has been quite protective of her estate and image especially when it comes to film and TV, and it’s not said whether Broomfield has their blessing or if they will be involved in the making of this new documentary...


Broomfield’s Kurt & Courtney doc was infamous for investigating crazy rumors that Courtney Love was somehow involved in Cobain’s death.

The Whitney doc has no release date yet, but will air on BBC Two.

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