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The Sad Truth Is That Whitney Houston Did Cocaine Right Before She Died

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It's hard to believe, but it's only been six weeks since Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel room. Today the Los Angeles County Coroner's office finally released its initial autopsy report, and the depressing results showed that she used cocaine right before she drowned, and she also had heart disease. Oh, Whitney.


The Coroner's Office said that Whitney used cocaine "immediately prior to her collapse." But the toxicology reports indicate that she also had marijuana, Xanax, Flexeril (a muscle relaxant), and Benadryl in her blood—though they said these drugs "did not contribute to the death." Even though numerous people swore up and down that Whitney wasn't doing coke again, a fact which was sort of supported by the fact that none was found in her hotel room, now a source is saying that someone swept the hotel room clear of all cocaine before authorities arrived. (Looks like the damned tabloids were right.)


While the drug stuff is more sensationalist, it is worth mentioning that she also had heart disease, which is the number one killer of women in this country. Obviously, years of unhealthy living and heavy drug use can take their toll on your heart, and it may be that it had finally reached a level where her body just couldn't tolerate her lifestyle the way it once could have.

Her poor mother Cissy said she was shocked to hear that Whitney was back on coke. Sources close to Cissy told TMZ that Cissy believes Whitney's relapse was caused by anxiety over her comeback plans. She says Whitney was sober while filming Sparkle and must have gone back to cocaine as the Grammys, and the associated stress, grew closer. God, this whole thing just never gets any less sad. And it's not quite over yet. The final coroner's report will be out in two weeks, and that will reveal the different levels of each drug and could make it more clear just how much cocaine she was using. [TMZ, CNN, TMZ]

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The Lindsay Lohan hit-and-run story that we thought had slunk off quietly into the night is back—and getting ever more confusing. Apparently neither LiLo nor the person she allegedly hit are cooperating with the police. Her "victim" Thaer Kamal won't talk to detectives, and neither will Linds. Neither is required to do so, but it's unlikely charages will be filed if they don't. But what's weirder is that Kamal is being investigated by an insurance company for possibly committing six to eight cases of insurance fraud—which he may or may not be doing under an alias. It's all so confusing, but luckily, we are our own people with our own lives, and we don't have to waste the time trying to figure it out if we don't want to. [TMZ]

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Dear Unborn Daughter of Nick and Vanessa Lachey: Just so you know, before you get here, your mother hoped you were a boy. I mean, no offense, she said she'd be excited either way, but you kind of disappointed us by coming out a girl. Try not to let it get you down!
Everyone who follows your mom on Twitter

(And now we know why—even though Vanessa clearly meant no harm, and she did say what she really cared about most was having a healthy baby—it is not the best idea for famous people to tweet about what kind of baby they're hoping to have.) [E! Online]


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Gwyneth Paltrow has being perfect down to a science, but even she goofs (or should I say GOOPs) up occasionally. Lady Gwyneth was spotted getting pulled over by the coppers in London earlier this week for speeding. The paparazzi snapped a photo of her—in her mini cooper, natch—smiling up at the officer. Most likely she was trying to charm her way out of ticket, either that or she was desperate to inform the cop that there was a new organic pigeon shit facial on offer at her favorite salon that would simply do wonders for his chapped complexion. [Us]

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We may have had serious beef with Scott Baio and his wife Renee in the past, but let us be the first to congratulate him on his new show on Nick at Night. Daddy's Home is a live-action comedy series that stars Baio as David Hobbs,

An actor who, after 10 years of starring as America's favorite TV dad, becomes a stay-at-home father to honor the deal he made with his soap-star wife so she can return to the limelight.


Well, that sounds pretty darn progressive. I bet some serious hijinx ensue when he tries to take care of those crazy kids. [Deadline]

  • It looks like The Situation might be in rehab for both pills and alcohol. Duh, says anyone who has ever watched even 2 minutes of Jersey Shore. While his sobriety would surely throw a wrench in current plans for the upcoming season, it might actually make for far more compelling television, if they could manage to genuinely document his struggle to stop drinking. But... Yeah, probably not. [TMZ]
  • Did Tom Cruise's ex-wife Nicole Kidman almost have an awkward run-in with Tom Cruise's current wife, Katie Holmes, at a bar in LA? Maaaybe, but most likely not. Even if they did almost have a run-in, they definitely did not have an actual run-in. Still, it's kind of fun to imagine how they'd interact. I bet Nicole gives one hell of an icy stare, and Katie can probably do a very impressive fake-nice-but-I-am-sending-my-hate-through-my-eyes smile. [Contact Music]
  • Britney Spears continues to get high marks in the area of keeping it together. Today she had a meeting with the judge in her conservatorship case, and apparently the judge was impressed. [TMZ]
  • The Situation and Snooki have been getting a lot of attention lately, but cast your eyes for a moment, if you will, onto the brand new face that Jersey Shore's Deena seems to have purchased herself. She's said she's had a nose job and implants in the past, but it doesn't seem like that accounts for this most recent dramatic transformation. [Celebitchy]
  • Ricky Martin is on the cover of Vanity Fair with three-year-old twins, Matteo and Valentino, and, wow, that is a lot of adorableness on one page. Also, in a quote that does not pair all that naturally with the picture of his two angelic children, Ricky, who you probably remember is gay, apparently told the magazine a little bit about his sexual past: "I have slept with women and I fell in love with them and I felt wonderful things. There was a lot of love [and] passion." Ho hum. What we should really be worried about right now is why more people aren't naming their sons Valentino, because that name for a small child is pure magic. [E!]
  • The first pictures of AnnaSophia Robb dressed up as Carrie Bradshaw have surfaced. Filming has only just begun for the totally unnecessary show, The Carrie Diaries aka the Sex and the City prequel, and I already feel a sense of dread settling into the pit of my stomach. This must be how Carrie felt when she got engaged to Aidan. [E!]
  • Everyone do your best overacted version of your shocked face because NBC has announced that it's renewed the addictive yet also kind of painful drama Smash for a second season. [HuffPo]
  • January Jones has spoken about what it was like to film the newest season of Mad Men while eight-months pregnant: "It was a challenging season for me but I think that having work was really helpful, I just didn't lose myself into baby-world." Jeeze, I'd forgotten that she was pregnant during the filming and for some reason now that I am reminded, it makes me even more exited for the season premiere—did they work it into the plot? Or does Betty Francis (blech) spend the whole time carrying large purses and standing behind furniture? Sunday cannot get here soon enough. [Just Jared]
  • Ooh. Exciting news for fans of Michael K. Williams, who is currently killing it on Boardwalk Empire but will forever be the magnificent Omar from The Wire to most of us. He has just been cast to play Ol' Dirty Bastard in a biopic about him called "Dirty White Boy." Bring on the ODB, MKM. [HuffPo]
  • Breaking pet news: Johnny Weir and his husband Victor Voronov have just adopted a puppy named Tyoma, and he looks pretty damn cuddly. In fact, I won't blame you if you want to curl up on that little bed with him right now and take a quick nap. [People]
  • If we could somehow harness the time and energy spent perpetuating celebrity death hoaxes on Twitter and use it for good, we could probably find the cure for cancer in no time. Today's "victim": Sir Paul McCartney. [E!]

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Oh, you just made my night with that Michael K. Williams blurb. It is my mission in life to somehow work a paper on The Wire into grad school. It shouldn't be hard with Sociology.