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A Serious Case Of Meth Face

If you ever needed a good excuse not to do meth, take a look at Tiffany, a 25-year-old crystal meth user featured on last night's Intervention. She insists that she does not have an addiction ("I can stop when I want") despite the fact that she lost custody of her son, has no job, was arrested 20 times on drug-related charges, is living with her grandparents because her parents don't want to deal with her because she stabbed her stepfather in the stomach, and has a very, very serious tweaker face. It's almost unbearable to look at.


Tiffany's family tried to put together an intervention, but her grandparents were such enablers that they told her about the pre-intervention meeting and fucked the entire thing up. A last-ditch effort was made to intervene outside of the courthouse where Tiffany was to make an appearance to answer for one of her drug charges, but she went into a rage, flipped out, head-butted her mother, and insisted that she doesn't do drugs. She took off in her car and three days later she was arrested for possession of crystal meth. A few months after that, her grandparents were finally fed up with her and kicked her out. Eventually she checked into a treatment facility, but unfortunately, since the show was no longer following her, we didn't get see any "after" shots of how her countenance may have improved with sobriety.

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I did think meth was the most horrible thing, but now, from Russia, there is krokodil: []

This is some horrifying shit. I purposely posted an article that doesn't have pictures of what it's done to some users, but they're easy enough to find. It's like chemical leprosy. Absolutely pitiful to see. Use is apparently growing outside Russia/Eastern Europe, but I don't see it getting too big in the US because it's made from OTC sources of codeine, which we don't have here.

Just so sad. I would rather just let people have their cocaine or heroin. :-/