They have no idea whatā€™s coming
Image: Getty

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have reportedly, possibly, gotten a pet pig.

E! News reports that Grande posted a couple photos of a cutie little brown pig on her Instagram stories, one of which shows the animal sleeping on Davidsonā€™s stomach. While itā€™s not entirely clear if the pig is actually the coupleā€™s or if itā€™s just visiting, we can all agree it is very cute.

But hereā€™s the thing: pet pigs are bad news.

Pet pigs are frequently sold as ā€œmicro pigsā€ or ā€œteacup pigs,ā€ but in reality thereā€™s no such thing. Itā€™s a scam. Sometimes when people buy a mini pig, they think theyā€™re getting a pig that will stay small like it is in childhood forever, but these pigs are going to grow to be very large. In order to keep them small you have to underfeed them and stunt their growth, which is just animal abuse. People like Steve Jenkins, owner of the now Insta-famous pig Esther, buy what they think are ā€œmicro pigsā€ that will stay tiny forever, but then find out pigs like Esther grow to 650 pounds.

Thatā€™s a big ass pig! So consider this a small warning, Ariana and Pete. Something tells me that the two of you might not have enough room in your luxury Chelsea apartment for a 600 pound pig.