A Man Was Arrested While Trying to Steal Halle Berry's House

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According to the LAPD, a thief recently tried to steal not just a golden sconce or a ruby-encrusted light fixture (I have no idea what rich people have in their houses), but Halle Berry’s whole-ass house by printing up a fake deed and having the locks changed.


The ambitious thief was reportedly first seen lurking around Berry’s home in January by a gardener who says he was messing about with the locks. Then in March, other employees say they saw the same man, Ronald Eugene Griffin, on the property with a locksmith in tow, having successfully changed one lock.

Okay, but get this: It was Griffin who called the cops! He presented them with a deed, which they say was pretty easy to spot as a fake. Griffin was charged with a felony for creating the deed and also petty theft.

This plan is so bizarre and bold. He both went big and went home (I’m so sorry for that joke, but I’m not deleting it.)


While Miley’s probably not going to say shit about Nicki Minaj pumping some hormones into their old beef, Minaj may have created a powerful enemy in Perdue Chicken:

“‘A Perdue chicken can never talk shit about queens,” Nicki said addressing a new Miley song (“Cattitude”) that finds Miley saying that she prefers to listen to Cardi B over Nicki. “But I do know there’s a lot of Perdue chickens that’s been trying to say a queen’s name for clout, and that’s always been happening—and that’s what she did in the first place. And then she cried, you know, the White girl cry and made Black girls seem like she was a bad guy.’”

There’s a good point couched in all that, albeit one Minaj said better in a four-year-old New York Times interview. Bets on how the Maryland-based chicken, turkey, and pork processing company fires back? Diss track? Angry Tweets?


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GalvaTron Guy

Damn and here I was thinking some guy dug up the foundations and tried to load the house on the back of a semi.