A List of Organizations Dedicated to Helping Immigrants and Refugees That Need Your Support

Image via AP.
Image via AP.

In response to Donald Trump and Steve Bannon’s recent executive order that bans anyone with residency in one of seven predominantly Muslim countries—even if they have a green card or visa, and including refugees from the horrific humanitarian crisis in Syria—sympathetic Americans have responded by coming out to protest at airports across the country, and with their wallets.


According to USA Today, the American Civil Liberties Union received over 350,000 online donations over the weekend, and over $24 million since Saturday morning—more than it raised in all of 2016. The ACLU’s attorneys have been offering pro-bono services to detained immigrants at airports, successfully releasing many and securing a stay on the executive order from a federal judge. Still, despite the stay, some airport officials continue to enforce the illegal executive order, and the ACLU, along with these organizations dedicated to fighting for the rights of immigrants and refugees, continue to need your support:

The Black Alliance for Just Immigration “educates and engages African American and black immigrant communities to organize and advocate for racial, social, and economic justice.” Donate here.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is one of the largest civil rights and advocacy organizations dedicated to fighting against discrimination against Muslims. Click here to donate to the national organization or a specific campaign, or click here to find your local CAIR chapter (which needs your support as much or more than the national group).

CUNY CLEAR provides representation and rights training to Muslim communities targeted by law enforcement. More information is available here.

Families for Freedom fights on behalf of families facing deportation. “We are immigrant prisoners (detainees), former immigrant prisoners, their loved ones, or individuals at risk of deportation.” Donate here.

The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project provides services to non-citizens detained in Arizona. Donate here.


The Immigrant Defense Project uses impact litigation, advocacy, and public education to fight to stop mass deportations and an unjust immigration system. Donate here.

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) is a national resource center that helps train immigration lawyers and advocates, as well as communities to advocate for the rights of immigrants. They also participate in local, state and federal advocacy work. Donate here.


The International Rescue Committee, which was founded at Albert Einstein’s request, works to provide aid and support to people affected by humanitarian crises. You can donate specifically to support U.S. refugee resettlement programs in response to Trump’s Muslim Ban here, and see other ways to get involved (by volunteering or calling your representative) here.

The International Refugee Assistance Project works to organize lawyers and law students to fight for the human and legal rights of refugees through legal aid and policy advocacy. For legal help click here, and to donate click here.


Make the Road New York uses policy advocacy, organizing, education, and survival services (including workforce training and adult education) to improve the lives of immigrants—in particular Latino and working class communities—in New York City. Donate here, and learn more ways to get involved here.

Mariposas Sin Fronteras works with LGBTQ people detained in immigration facilities and works to get vulnerable detainees out on bond. Learn how to donate here.


MPower Change is, in the words of Women in Islam founder Aisha al-Adawiya “digital Muslim-led political talking drum.” In other words, it’s a nonprofit that does grassroots organizing, campaigning, and storytelling to empower Muslim communities throughout the United States. Notably, Women’s March organizer and activist Linda Sarsour is one of its heads. Donate here.

National Immigration Law Center works for the rights of low-income immigrants through impact legislation, policy analysis and advocacy, communications, and education programs. To donate, click here.


Northwest Immigrant Rights Project offers legal services directly to immigrants with its netowrk of 350 pro-bono attorneys. Donate here.


Ted Colquett, Birmingham, AL - ted@colquettlaw.com, (205) 245-4370

Morgan Petriello, Los Angeles, CA - mpetriello@frandzel.com, (323) 651-2577

Elleni Kalouris, Chicago suburbs, IL - ekalouris@kalourislawfirm.com


Muni Olia, Philadelphia, PA - Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist - munira.olia@nyu.edu


Ruth Durack, MSW, Peoria, IL - Social Worker - ruth.durack@lssi.org

Lauren Fallon, LCSW, IL - Social Worker - lauren.brown04@gmail.com

Jennifer Goldstein, Chicago, IL - Therapist - jennifergoldstein2@gmail.com

Gloria Jetter, LMSW, New York, NY - Social Worker 0 glojetter@gmail.com

Note: These attorneys and therapists/psychiatrists have not been vetted by Jezebel; their inclusion on the list is by request.


If you are an attorney or therapist who would like to offer your services to immigrants and refugees pro-bono, email me with your contact information at joanna@jezebel.com and I’ll put your name on this list.



Thank you, Joanna! I know there are tons of people (like me) who live in the middle of nowhere and cant get to protests (and have already called our Congresspeople) but still want to help. Posts like this are awesome!

Also, consider setting up reoccurring donations, even if it is in small amounts. That helps organizations plan out their budgets and fund priorities more easily than one-time, lump sum donations.