A is For Awesome: The 'A is For' Campaign Fights For Women's Reproductive Rights

The newest video for the A Is For campaign is the tits! It's funny, compassionate, and has awesome celebrities like MARTHA PLIMPTON and MARTHA PLIMPTON in it. Overall, it's the best forever and I will watch it several times (on my phone while waiting in line to vote with the volume turned all the way up so everyone around me can hear it MY REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS WILL NOT BE SILENCED).

What is A is For, you ask? Well, it's a campaign that brilliantly utilizes social media to advocate for the groups that advocate for women's reproductive rights. Here, I'll let them Awesomely (A)describe (A)their Amazing Activism (I'm sorry, I'm out of control):

A Is For serves as an ally and advocate for organizations working to protect reproductive rights. The A Is For campaign is a unifying forum using social media to spotlight issues and encourage activism. A is for All of us.

About A Is For:
A is For seeks to remove the shame and stigma that is placed on those who dare to speak up for women and their right to basic reproductive health care. This year alone, an unprecedented legislative assault on women's health care has resulted in 60 bills passed in 24 states which restrict access to abortion, a constitutionally protected medical procedure. Lawmakers across the US have shown a blatant disregard for American women's fundamental right to physical autonomy. The collateral damage in the War on Women is far reaching and disproportionately affects poor women across the country. Access to contraception has been reduced and funding for cancer screenings, family planning services and pre-natal care has been slashed, all in the name of eliminating women's access to abortion. By wearing the scarlet A and speaking out in support of women's right to control their own bodies through access to these basic services, we are seeking to change the conversation from one of political posturing to one that best serves the interests of women. Donations made to A is For will benefit organizations such as the Center for Reproductive Rights.


Rad. I mean, awe-inspiring.

[Via Boing Boing]

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LOVE LOVE A is For. Martha Plimpton is actually one of the founders (along with Lizz Winstead), isn't she?

Probably the most powerful piece in reaction to Todd Akin's legitimate rape statement was published on the site. It was written by Maureen Hermann, the former bassist of Babes in Toyland. She had a child as a result of rape. It's a must read.