A Fifteenth Man Accuses Kevin Spacey of Sexual Misconduct

Image via AP.
Image via AP.

The Running List of Women Who Have Accused Harvey Weinstein Of Sexual Harassment and Assault is no longer a list but a hypothesis that the number of times a sexual boogeyman can hypothetically whip his dick out in one lifetime is an abstract concept. Today, a fifteenth man accused Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct.


USA Today has interviewed director Andy Holtzman, who claims that Spacey attempted to sexually assault him in 1981, when Holtzman was 27 and working at the New York Shakespeare Festival’s Public Theater. According to Holtzman, Spacey, then-22, simply walked into his office and grabbed him:

“Within minutes, wordlessly, he was up and all over me,” Holtzman says. “The aggression was certainly more than a grope. When I was finally able to push him off and scream (at him), he theatrically stepped back, incredibly angry, grabbed his coat and bag, stormed out and slammed the door.”

The other accusations range from groping to assault, made by men who claim to have been between their early teens and twenties at the time.

Jezebel has reached out to Kevin Spacey’s representatives for comment. He has previously apologized for and not denied the first allegation by Anthony Rapp, who claimed that Spacey attempted to rape him when Rapp was 14.


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