A Battle Between Ben And JP's Jealous Stink Eyes On The Bachelorette

And then there were two. But at the beginning of the episode there were four, then there were five, and then there were two. Let me explain.

JP, who was widely seen as the frontrunner throughout the season, was given a rose after Ben received his last night — and when there are only two men left competing, second place is last place. We noticed JP give Ben major stink-eye during the rose-giving, so we thought it only appropriate to take a trip down memory lane and look back upon the many times JP has been visibly upset by Ashley being with, kissing, or even talking about another man.

But JP wasn't the only man burned last night. A contestant who'd previously been sent home returned to the show, hoping for one more chance with Ashley. But, uh, like we said, Ryan was sent home by Ashley a mere two episodes ago, proving that some people don't quite understand the phrase "She's Just Not That Into You." For instance: The show's producers, who thought nothing of sending this woeful bachelor across the globe to be rejected not once, but twice by the same girl. (They did the same for Bentley, so maybe they're just really into breaking hearts this season.) This clip shows Ryan spilling his heart out, to which Ashley replies that she's "found love — with two guys, actually" and sends him on his way with a hug and a quick, Beverly Hills, 90210-style "Bye!" Way harsh.

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After searching through an entire season for clips of JP acting jealous, I noticed that the contestant he stink-faced the most happened to be Ben, who's still there with him in the "final two." Between Chris Harrison admitting that there would be "bumpy roads ahead" for JP and Ashley's relationship and how utterly angelic the show has painted him all season long, I predict that Ben will be the one to propose next week — and JP will be next season's Bachelor. Lest you forget: Ben invented the "Mental Kiss" on a date with Ashley. I could be wrong, but since Ashley seems to be vying for the title of "Worst Bachelorette Ever," who knows what will happen in the finale next week.


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I cannot wrap my head around why this show is even still on. Really America? This what blows your skirt up? *disappointed face*