The Bachelorette Reaches New Levels Of Crazy

On last night's installment of The Bachelorette, three unlucky suitors were subjected to dressing in traditional wedding attire and posing in a photo shoot under the guise that it was a local "tradition." Ashley, dressed in a wedding gown, hopes discover the age-old question of "Are these guys ready to take wedding pictures? Will they look cute in wedding pictures?"

Answer: No. These men haven't even proposed yet. This show is awkward, but staging faux wedding photos is kind of deranged.

Another ridiculous moment not to be missed was this outtake in which a dog ruins the mood during one of Ashley's dates in Taipei. After a romantic date involving creating a lantern of their love, Constantine (not to be confused with Ben, who looks so much like Constantine that I had to play the clip Ben's groundbreaking "Mental Kiss" with Ashley three times to tell them apart) set the physical representation of their connection onto the ground and moments later a stray dog lifted up his leg and pissed on it. There's got to be a metaphor there.


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Erin Gloria Ryan

This is too awkward for me to watch.

And this is coming from someone who watched the entire first season of MTV's Undressed AND Joe Millionaire AND that VH1 reality show about Jerry Hall's feigned attempt to find a Kept Man.