98-Year-Old Gets Driver's License to Drive Friend to Store

When the retirement community in which Evelyn lives got rid of the bus that took its members to the grocery store, her friend Joyce was dismayed and afraid that she would be moved. She didn't want to go anywhere else and she didn't have to, because Evelyn stepped up and obtained a license, making sure that Joyce could go to the store (and anywhere else she needed to go).

Evelyn's quiet confidence and fortitude are admirable, and it's hard not to have a case of the weepies (Can I TM this term?) when she points out that while she doesn't have much money, she still wants to help others in any way she can. BRB. Tears.

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Mei Kusakabe

I HAVE to ask, why the fuck is the caption "98-Year-Old" when the very first thing they say is that she's 97. She's not going to be 98 for more than 6 months. If she died today, no one would say "98-Year-Old Woman Dead". WTF Mark.

Edited to say that I didn't mean for this to come across as so hostile lol. It just irritated me.