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90-Year-Old Woman Tries Virtual Reality Goggles, Rightfully Freaks Out

This 90-year-old woman tries Oculus Rift VR headset — virtual-reality hardware that lets the wearer interact with virtual environments — to explore a 3D version of Tuscany. She freaking loves it, and her reactions are priceless — "Oh, this is something else. And I'm still sitting where I was?"


The possibilities for these glasses are exciting, and I'm not just talking about virtual sex. (Although I'm sure that's something already in the works, because HUMANS!) For housebound (or chairbound) people, it could allow for a world of places to travel and activities to experience. Cruising around Tuscany is cool — but what about skiing down Everest with T-Pain, or solving crimes with Angela Lansbury?? I'm ready.

Is this getting a little too much like Surrogates, maybe? Fuck it, nobody saw that movie. Future, ahoy!


[via Gizmodo]

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My grandmother would've taken it right off and said "Ay coño, gives me a headache."