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90 Year Old Holocaust Survivor Who Fought Off Purse Snatcher Gets Very Nice Note From Hillary Clinton

Photo via screengrab/New York Post
Photo via screengrab/New York Post

Don’t you want some nice news that will make you feel good instead of very, very horrible about the state of the world?


Gina Marie Zuckerman , a 90 year old Holocaust survivor was making her way to her lunchtime volunteer shift in September when someone tried to steal a bag out of the shopping cart she was pushing. Clearly not interested in taking anyone’s shit, Zuckerman managed to fight off her attacker, suffering an injury that required several stitches on her arm. She was later escorted to the hospital in an ambulance after her attacker ran away, with a police escort to make sure she got there safe and sound.

After the attack, in an interview with DNA Info, Zuckerman referred to herself as a “fighter” and seemed shaken but not too upset. “I used to be dancer and a gymnast, so this is why I’m very good at fighting,” she said. Makes sense to me! New York State Sen. Brad Holman sent a proclamation on the behalf of the State Senate of New York applauding her “for her bravery in standing her ground.”


You know who else sent her a letter? Hillary Clinton, after reportedly hearing that Zuckerman was excited to vote for her in the general election. “I was so sorry to hear about your recent brush with a purse-snatcher,” the letter reads, “but heartened to know that you held your own and are doing well despite the injuries you sustained, You are, indeed, a fighter!”

When asked about the corpulent bag of rotten Buffalo wings running for president on the Republican ticket, Zuckerman said, “I don’t like rude men. Enough rude men.”

I couldn’t agree more!

Edited to clarify that Gina Zuckerman went to the hospital in an ambulance, not her attacker. Jezebel regrets the error.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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Enough rude men, indeed, Gina. Enough indeed.