9-Year-Old Girl Football Star Tackles Former NFL Players, 'Is Already Better Than Tebow'

Remember Sam Gordon? The kickass 9-year-old who beat out 171 other kids (all boys) to become the starting quarterback on the Gremlins, her local pee wee football league? Well, it turns out not only can she regulate at the tater tot level, she can also run with the big dogs.


Check out Sam sack Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk. I don't think he's letting her win, either. Look at the fear in his eyes! Seriously, I do not want to run across this girl in a dark alley. Or maybe I really do because she is THE BEST. And check out the comments: "She's already better than Tebow." OK!?

Sam Gordon, girl football sensation, joins 'NFL GameDay Morning' [NFL]

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