6-Year-Old Saves Mom's Life With Skills Learned From Mrs. Doubtfire

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Amira Fortin, a six-year-old girl in Oregon, saved her choking mother's life on Friday when she quickly gave her the Heimlich, thanks to knowledge she gained from the film Mrs. Doubtfire. This is the best news.

Although we should probably not regularly use CPR we learn in movies — that's how ribs get broken and people playing cardiothoracic surgeon cut into major veins and kill people — but still, this is very cool and also, inspired me to sign up for a class at the Red Cross. Feel free to choke near me and I'll tell the press that I learned how to do the Heimlich via Mrs. Doubtfire and my amateur training!



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I recently re-watched this movie, and MAN. It did NOT hold up to my childhood memories.

-Pierce Brosnan is Sally Field's CLIENT. How is it ok that she's getting involved in a romantic relationship with him?

-Arrested Development was right...how is it not SCREAMINGLY obvious that it's Robin Williams?

-Robin Williams seems kind of psychotic and disturbed, not sweet and loving.

-Sally Field really comes off as a huge bitch, doesn't she?