Copyranter posted seven phallic ads in his column on Buzzfeed, and each one is worse than the next. It would be nice to construct some in-depth commentary about visual literacy and subliminal messages, but all I can think is They knew what this looked like, right? And someone still gave it the green light? I mean, they could all see the dicks, right? Right?

The ad above, which Copyranter calls a "dicknic," seems like it could be innocent.

But someone knew exactly what they were doing in this Texas International ad. (And phallic ads still get published all the time; vodka companies love cock.) But while the After Six ad — with a tag line that includes the words "have a ball" — is pretty overt, there's nothing more disturbing than the Chiquita ad with children. Don't look at it too long, Dateline might come a-knocking on your door.