Joan Rivers was escorted out of Los Angeles Costco by police on Tuesday after the comedian made an unauthorized in-store appearance. Rivers was signing copies of her New York Times bestselling book I Hate Everyone…Starting with Me; the problem is that the wholesale chain banned her book from its stores due to language on the back cover, which featured fake blurbs from Marie Antoinette ("Let her eat shit") and Wilt Chamberlain ("If I were alive, even I wouldn't fuck her").

Rivers says her appearance was a protest of First Amendment rights, and she handcuffed herself to someone's shopping cart and shouted through a megaphone to prove her point. The store manager called the cops, who escorted her out of the store. No charges were pressed.

Speaking to the local news later, Rivers said:

"Costco, who sells condoms by the pallet, who sells Paula Deen books and—which is not good for their customers' health—they decided to ban my book. This is a store that sells 300 rolls of toilet paper at the same time, and I say any customer that buys 300 rolls of toilet paper deserves a funny book to sit on the toilet and read."

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