The Gag Agreement American Apparel Makes Its Models Sign

f you want to model for American Apparel, you'll need to sign a contract first. It covers all the usual things, like image rights - but then there are the weird parts. Like the provision where you agree to enter into secret, binding arbitration if you have any dispute with the company for any reason. And like the provision where you promise not to "disparage" the company "either in public or online on blogs or on any similar media," and "not to speak with reporters or anyone from the media." More »

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Four More Women Sue Dov Charney For Sexual Harassment

Just weeks after a woman sued Dov Charney for allegedly forcing her to have sex with him, four more women have filed a lawsuit against the American Apparel CEO, accusing him of sexual harassment. This is the song that never ends. More »

Former Employee: Dov Charney Is A Monster

Former American Apparel employee Kimbra Lo appeared on television to discussed her alleged sexual assault by CEO Dov Charney, and warned other women who work for the company to "beware." "This man's a monster," Lo said. "He's incredibly manipulative, and I just hope that he stops." More »

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Dov Charney's Sketchy, Scandalous History

Let's take a look at his past pervitudes, meltdowns, questionable management practices, and brushes with the law, shall we? More »