Former American Apparel Employee: Dov Charney Is A Monster

This morning on Today, former American Apparel employee Kimbra Lo discussed her alleged sexual assault by CEO Dov Charney, and warned other women who work for the company to "beware." "This man's a monster," Lo said. "He's incredibly manipulative, and I just hope that he stops." Lo has come forward just two weeks after another former employee, 20-year-old Irene Morales, slapped Charney with a $260 million lawsuit. Now Charney's lawyer alleges that Morales "stalked" Charney for years and sent him emails that "graphically detail promised sex acts in exchange for money, clothes and a computer." Morales may have been as young as 17 when she supposedly sent these salacious emails. A lawyer for Morales counters that there is no way to verify the emails, and notes: "However, it is not unusual for victims of sexual harassment or assault to grow so demoralized that they feel the only value they offer is as a sexual object."


When nineteen-year-old Kimbra Lo was live on Today with Anne Curry this morning, she said she wanted to "expose this man for who he really is." She explained that when Charney invited her over, after she'd left the company, she thought it might be for a job offer. Instead, he was wearing a towel when he came to the door, and once she was inside, he proceeded to tear her clothes off, take photos of her and sexually assault her. Charney's defense is that he has "smoking gun" pictures of Lo, and that she sent him love letters. (Last time we checked, sending someone a love letter does not give them permission to sexually assault you.) Lo denies sending any love letters. Lo's lawyer was asked to comment on allegations that he is trying to "shake down" American Apparel, and replied that a better question is: "Why are they trying to protect a known sexual predator?"

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When I lived in LA several years ago, I worked at a restaurant that was owned and run by a family that was very close with and grew up with Dov, so he was around a fair amount, and I met him briefly. I was there when he directly hired a friend of mine as a contractor/designer for a bunch of new stores that were being opened.

My friend later on had a meeting with Dov at his house to discuss business. He ended up waiting around for hours while Dov would disappear for long periods of time to have sex with women on staircases and shit like that, and he told me that Dov had rooms dedicated as 'sex rooms'. My friend was highly disturbed and annoyed, which is saying something, as my friend has a history of being a fucked-up semi-crazy and erstwhile secret porn star during his low years. (He since cleaned up and became a successful designer.) He told me he had never seen a case of sex addiction quite like that.

So, whatever. My friend went to work. He was quickly appalled at how disorganized and ignorant the people he had to work with were, and how Dov had no idea/didn't care about what he was doing. My friend became very disillusioned because he couldn't get anything done, because the idiots that surrounded him knew nothing about building and designing, and dismissed his knowledge and just did whatever the fuck they wanted, to failing results. He called them out on how horrible the business was being run, and he was fired after only a couple on months.

I went up to the owner of the restaurant and said, "Dov is fucked up." She said, "That's not true! What do you mean? He's a really good kid!"

Because of the stories I heard I have never in my life entered an AA store.