What Will Happen To Dior Now That Galliano Is Gone?

Reactions from the fashion industry to John Galliano's firing by Christian Dior are still rolling in. Which is hardly surprising, considering Galliano's prominence. Galliano oversaw the creative direction of a fashion house - and a global luxury brand - that last year realized revenues of over $28 billion. Read more »

The Emotional Cost Of Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies are a very, very personal baked good. Name one other food that is so tied into our childhood psyche; name one other food about which we obsess primarily to its exclusivity. You can't. I just tried to think of how I could get my hands on some Samoas (my personal favorite) if I really needed to and I came up blank. There will be no Samoas for me. Which only makes me want them more. Read more »

Christina Aguilera Arrested For Public Intoxication

Early this morning, Christina Aguilera was arrested for public intoxication and her boyfriend Matthew Rutler was arrested for DUI. He was pulled over by police after they saw him "driving erratically." Christina, who was in the passenger seat, was so drunk that she "was not capable of taking care of herself." Read more »

Charlie Sheen Continues His Bitchin' Press Tour

After yesterday's interviews-what with tiger blood, warlocks and "bi-winning"-it seemed impossible that Charlie Sheen could top himself in weirdness, but he actually managed to do just that last night during a special one-hour live interview with Piers Morgan. Bizarrely, Charlie appeared kind of rational. Read more »

Probably Half Of All Men Have HPV

A new study of 1,100 men in the U.S., Brazil, and Mexico found that half were infected with HPV, which is quickly being seen as evidence that boys should be vaccinated with Gardasil. Read more »

European Court Outlaws Gender-Based Insurance Rates

Insurance companies in the EU will no longer be able to use gender when assessing risk, according to a ruling today. This means women's car insurance premiums will probably go up, and men's retirement income could go down. And of course, everyone's arguing over whether the new rules are fair. Read more »

Fetus To "Testify" In Support Of Ohio Heartbeat Bill

A fetus is scheduled to "speak" before the legislature in support of the so-called "Heartbeat Bill" to ban abortions as early as 18 days after conception, or as soon as a heartbeat can be detected. According to the AP, a pregnant woman will go before the committee beside a color projection of her ultrasound. No word if she's allowed to talk too, or whether someone will provide ventriloquist-style commentary on the fetus's behalf. Read more »

Men Should Only Date Women Of Equal Or Lesser Attractiveness

Today, the relationship experts at the Daily Fail ran a piece whose message essentially boiled down to: "If You Wanna Be Happy For The Rest Of Your Life, Never Make A Pretty Woman Your Wife." Or, in their words, "research has revealed that relationships in which the woman is more attractive than the man may be doomed to failure." Hear that? Doomed. Read more »