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Charlie Sheen Continues His Bitchin' Press Tour

Illustration for article titled Charlie Sheen Continues His Bitchin Press Tour

After yesterday's interviews—what with tiger blood, warlocks and "bi-winning"—it seemed impossible that Charlie Sheen could top himself in weirdness, but he actually managed to do just that last night during a special one-hour live interview with Piers Morgan. Bizarrely, Charlie appeared kind of rational.


Perhaps it was the calming effect that Piers seemed to have on Charlie. Or maybe the actor was simply finally winding down after several days of a self-imposed media frenzy. He explained some of his recent, more out-there comments to Piers, saying that it's all part of his sense of humor which, he adds, is part of what makes him such a pro at his job. Speaking of his job, Charlie says that he feels like the cast of Two and a Half Men haven't been supportive of him at all, since none of them have issued any public statements since he began his public battle with Chuck Lorre and CBS (although some of the cast members have called and sent him texts, which he's ignored).


The people who Charlie believes are supportive, though, are his "goddesses," the two young women who are now his girlfriends, have moved in with him and are apparently caring for his twin toddlers. After his interview segment aired yesterday on Today, Charlie called up interviewer Jeffrey Rosen and told him to come back over to his house so he could clear up a few things and get a chance to talk to the two girlfriends.

But clearly, the most sane thing that Charlie said in his new interview with Rosen—that aired this morning on Today—was in response to the public's reaction to how weird he's been coming across: "Did they expect it to be a normal interview?"

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Maybe this is actually the sequel to Joqauin Phoinex's recent hoax/doc. If he busts out a rap we'll know Casey Affleck is behind it.

(I actually wish it was really a hoax, because even though I have never been a fan of his this is all too sad to watch. I have puposely not been watching any of these clips. I also keep feeling bad for President Bartlett.)