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Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Beauty, Beast: "The plan to tame Kong with acupuncture seems to have backfired." • Best Comment of The Day, in response to Elle: Rihanna's Waist Gets Whittled Via Photoshop: "My head is the same size as my waist and it makes shopping difficult because very few stores carry size 38 hats. " • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Watch Salma Hayek Totally Flip Out: "This never happened while doing press for Frida. Once you point your life in the direction of a movie in which Kevin James pees in a pool, the universe will take liberties." • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Britney's Bodyguard Claims Harassment; Lindsay Wants To Prove She Didn't Drink: "You know, I've always wondered what the Gaga's driver's liscence looks like. I imagine it being a photo of her in her Mickey Mouse gear from the Paparazzi video.
Name: Gaga, Lady
Height: 5'7
With lobster heels: 6'7
Eyes: Sunglasses
Hair: Depends on the version of Monster you got on iTunes"

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